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A vanadium photo-electrochemical flow cell system for Solar Energy Storage Works at Night

Scientists have been working on ways to generate clean energy from alternative fuels. This research has a chance to rewrite how we store and use solar power. That’s the technology a materials science and engineering team from the University of Texas at Arlington has developed. They have successfully built a new energy cell that can store large-scale solar energy, even when it’s dark.

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So, in addition to being able to store energy through the night, approximately how much more efficient is the new solar energy storage cell compared to current solar storage systems? The researchers tell us, “Our system is different than the existing solar energy storage system; therefore, a precise comparison is difficult to make. However, our system has already demonstrated about 95% Faradaic efficiency and more than 10 times higher in peak Incident photon-to-current efficiency (IPCE) compared to conventional photogeneration of hydrogen, a widely accepted approach for solar energy storage.

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