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The Design Process

Table of Contents

I have a complete PDF document that explains the complete process and the actual phases of the Design, Development and Construction drawing elements. But I am often asked to explain this in more detail, specifically relating to why we charge what we charge.
I don’t want to take you through the part of  how we design, what tools we use etc. I just want to cover just some of the tasks that you may or may not be aware of.

Although the majority of our work falls within the Southern hemisphere and our orientation is North, I thought it would be fun to let Eric Reinholdt (who works mainly in the Northern hemisphere take you on a small project on an island. The problems, challenges and work process is very similar to what we go through here in South Africa.
Apart from being a successful Architect in his own right, Eric’s other passion is making videos.

Come along on this 4 part video session and follow the next part of the journey here ..

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