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Presenting the Concepts

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Sit in on a client meeting as I present the schematic design concepts for the Outpost project.

After selecting a favorite to move forward with we then visit the site to lay it out in full scale and begin making real-time revisions to react to a few newly discovered site features. Choosing a design direction sets the next phase of the design process in motion and all future decisions will follow from the chosen layout. It’s a turning point for the project and there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s that what I come in with will inevitably change as a result of our collaboration and discussions. And, that’s a good thing.

I treat the schematic design presentation as a dialogue and a waypoint in the design process rather than a singular, fully-formed project. The goal is for my clients to feel as invested as I am in the design. That’s why the designs are loose and open-ended early on, there’s lots of room for interpretation; it’s malleable. There are a menu of options and together we choose what works and what doesn’t. Great architecture is only possible with the patronage of great client

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