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We work under the Gazetted rates supplied by South Africa for work undertaken in the Architectural Profession.

This is based on a sliding scale measured against your estimated building budget for the project.

We offer a free/No obligation Fee proposal based on this method. Just give us your details and we will get right on it.

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Company Information

Specialists in Game – Bush Lodge Design


What we offer :

a) Receive, appraise and report on the client’s requirements with regard to the client’s brief;

b) Determine the site and rights and constraints;

c) Determine budgetary constraints;

d) Determine the need for consultants;

e) Determine indicative project time-lines;

f) Determine methods of contracting; and

g) whether other statutory authority applications are required or desirable.

a) Prepare an initial design concept and advise on:

i. the intended space provisions and planning relationships;

ii. proposed materials and intended building services; and

iii. the technical and functional characteristics of the design.

b) Check for conformity of the concept with the rights to the use of the land.

c) Consult with local and statutory authorities.

d) Review the anticipated costs of the project.

e) Review the project programme.

a) Develop all aspects of the design from concept to full development including, but not limited to, construction systems, materials, fittings, and finishes selections;

b) Review the programme and budget with the client, principal consultant or other consultants;

c) Coordinate other consultants designs into building design;

d) Prepare design development drawings including drafting technical details and material specifications;

e) Discuss and agree on the building plan application and approval requirements with the local authority;

Stage 4.1

a) Prepare documentation required for local authority building plan application submission;

b) Co-ordinate technical documentation with the consultants and complete primary co-ordination sufficient to support building plan submission;

c) Review the costing and programme with the consultants;

d) Obtain the client’s authority, and submit documents for approval at the local authority.


Stage 4.2

a) Prepare specifications for the works;

b) Complete technical documentation sufficient for tender;

c) Obtain offers for the execution of the works;

d) Evaluate offers, and recommend a successful tenderer for appointment;

e) Prepare the contract documentation and arrange the signing of the building contract by the client and the successful tenderer;

f) Complete all remaining technical and construction documentation and coordinate same with the consultants;

a) Administer the building contract;

b) Give possession of the site to the contractor;

c) Issue construction documentation;

d) Review sub-contractor designs, shop drawings and documentation for conformity of design intent;

e) Inspect the works for conformity with the contract documentation and acceptable quality in terms of industry standards;

f) Administer and perform the duties and obligations assigned to the principal agent in the building contract;

g) Manage the completion process of the project;

h) Assist the client to obtain the required documentation necessary for the client to obtain the occupation certificate.

a) Facilitate the project close-out including the collation of the necessary documentation to effect completion, handover and operational manual of the project.

b) When the contractor’s obligations with respect to the building contract have been fulfilled, the architectural professional shall issue the certificates related to the contract completion.

c) Provide the client with construction record documentation and the relevant technical and contractual undertakings by the contractor and sub-contractors.


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