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All you’re doing is hiding the coloring of the building, picking up the darker colors of the ground, and the bark of the trees.

“The engineering of the removable wall is such that Ketcham can open and close it by herself. “I’m in my 80s, and there’s no problem—no problem at all,” she says. “It’s really fun to have guests, and then open it for them, so that they get the whole effect. It’s fabulous because the house is right on the water.” She is also pleased to see that the house is being put to exactly the use she had envisaged. “When the whole family’s there, we can have 20 to 22 people on a regular Saturday night. And that’s every age, people from four years old to 84. It’s wonderful!”

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.metropolismag.com

When working in a space with grandure as its natural environment, It is so surpassingly beautiful that any building you introduce to this landscape tends to diminish rather than enhance it. From a client’s perspective, that’s an important consideration before they risk their financial, emotional, and time capital to you as the designer. Remember …… the greater the statement by the architect, the more egregious the blot on the landscape becomes.

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