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Architectural Profession Act

Table of Contents

Definitions means the Architectural Profession Act, 2000 ( Act No. 44 of 2000 )


means any physical change made to an existing building and includes any portion of an existing building altered as a result of an addition to such building and shall exclude renovations and restorations which are dealt with under supplementary services.

Building contract

means the current edition of the ‘Principal Building Agreement’ by the Joint Building Contracts Committee or any other building agreement entered into between the client and the contractor.


means the party engaging the firm to perform the full services or any part thereof referred to in this document and called the ’employer’ in the JBCC Principal Building Agreement.

Construction documentation

means graphic representations including plans, sections, elevations, site plans, construction details, service coordination information, schedules and such other details and descriptions as are within the reasonable competence of a professional which are sufficient to indicate the scope of the works.


means any person appointed to provide professional or specialist services on any aspect of the project, other than the professional.


means the practice or business of the professional.


means such periodic visits to, or concerning the works by the professional as are necessary to determine that the work is proceeding generally according to the requirements of the building contract and to provide onsite clarification and further information during the progress of the work.


means the development for which a firm and consultants are appointed which shall not necessarily be limited to the works.


means a person registered under one of the categories referred to in section 18 of the Act.

Total cost of employment

means basic salary and annual bonus, including fringe benefits not reflected in basic salary such as:

income benefit for the use of a motor vehicle. employer’s contribution to pension/provident fund, medical aid and group life insurance premiums. statutory contributions and levies all other costs and benefits according to the conditions of appointment but excluding any profit participation in the firm


means all work executed or intended to be executed according to the building contract.

South African Institute of Architects

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