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The myth's of employing Professionals - that employing professionals are only for the rich or famous ....... WRONG

Practically all prospective home owners are under the misconception that employing professionals are only for the rich or famous. This however could not be further from the truth yet we continue to spend vast sums of money on badly designed dwellings. When buildings are incorrectly designed by unskilled people you leave yourself wide open to poor investments.

All buildings should be aesthetically correct and utilize space and light practically. A badly designed roof structure easily can cost you more than an Architects fee. Drawings are produced for submission to your local building control office in order to obtain approval to commence building. However, there is still a third element in the process, namely the Builder. He inevitably does not have enough information to quote from, never mind build. This is where misinterpretation begins.

If you spend more energy in using an Architect or Architectural Technologist you would have been supplied with far more information ensuring that the final quote is in fact achievable and therefor this process will be less painful for all. These professionals spend from 4 to 6 years at University and would then be employed in an office before branching out on there own. They are capable, experienced individuals but their fees are not always that expensive. Partial services can be offered to assist your budgetary constraints.

In selecting a registered professional, it is of utmost importance to establish a comfortable working relationship ensuring that the design evolves as a team effort. To read more about us please visit this architectural page.

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