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The Made of Africa Book

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I was very glad to have been associated with the Made of Africa publication back in  the mid 2000’s. I had a front cover layout on my desk in Bryanston  when one of my old colleagues and past staff member Graham Alexander  asked if this was going to go ahead. His wife Kirsten was employed by  our publishing company as an editor and thought that it would be a  good exercise for both of them to take it on together. The “Made of Africa” publication  was a great success and sold out very quickly both locally and  overseas. You would be very hard pressed to find a copy today. The  content brought in many new game lodge design projects for the company at the time.

In  2008 I decided that I would hand over the reigns of the company to my two new partners and formed a new venture called Karter Margub &  Associates to concentrate on the detailing of game lodge projects as this was often a bone of contention in the architectural field whereby the client was  often tasked with choosing the finish and fixtures without the professionals assistance.

This has gone very well for us and I still  have clients for game lodges tracking me down and commissioning new  design work. I’m certainly not complaining and I often think that its  time for a second edition of this book.
To those that purchased the Made Of Africa book trying to track me down I apologies for the difficulty. To those  people who purchased the book I hope it gave encouragement and continues to enrich your dreams and possibly gets you one step closer to  fulfilling your bush lodge experience.

Gareth Williams-Wynn



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