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2.0 Remuneration

The basis for the remuneration of a firm shall be:

I. for standard services at a fee calculated according to clause 10.1

II. for work on a time basis according to the rates set out in clause 10.2

III. for supplementary services, on a time basis according to the rates set out in clause 10.2

A firm shall be entitled to render interim accounts on a monthly basis which are payable on presentation. Accounts shall be based on an assessment by the firm of the professional services rendered to date. The aggregate of interim claims is not to exceed the total fee payable

For the purposes of determining the cost of the project on which the fee under clause 2.1.1 is calculated, the cost of the project ( excluding Value Added Tax ), shall include but not necessarily be limited to:

  1. The cost of all work executed according to the construction documentation
  2. The estimated cost of any work not yet constructed for which the firm is commissioned
  3. The market related cost of any materials, labour or carriage supplied
  4. The value of penalties and any other form of set-off which may have been deducted

Cost of all temporary works and shall exclude:

  • The fees and disbursements of the firm and consultants
  • The remuneration of the site staff not employed by the contractor ( except where the client is the contractor )
  • The value of any work which does not form an integral part of the work for which the firm is appointed

Provision for contingencies

Any fees or remuneration calculated or specified in terms of this tariff of fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax.

The fees are based on a sliding scale of the building cost and it is best to ask for an official quote based on your building budget.

You can see the schedule on page 4 of the gazetted rates when you click the button below.

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