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Thatched home plans and thatched house plans

Having designed a large amount of thatched house plans including this basic 3 bedroomed house we believe we are able to supply you with the thatched house of your dreams. Why not give us a call to discuss your thatched house plan or call for more examples of our home plans.

Designing game or bush lodges around the world whether for a private or commercial client is something very dear to Gareths heart as he was born in Southern Rhodesia in the Late 50s on a farm deep in rural nowhere-ness he tells me. Shona (a local African dialect) was mostly spoken until he attended boarding school at the age of five when he started learning English. He laughingly tells me that he usually chuckle’s when his American clients think he is black and comment when they physically see him. They just don’t understand that Africans are also white. He is currently working on lodges in Ghana, Botswana, Tanzania and South Africa.

What we offer :

Thatched home plans
thatched house
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