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The Best Home Tech! (2017)

– Jonathan here, today we’re going to take a look at some of best available home tech thus far of 2017. So first up is the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected. A big shout out to Philips for not only transmitting this out, but also in the dark periods of adpocolypse for also sponsoring this episode. Now yes, this is a toothbrush on a tech canal, but that is because there is a crazy amount of tech packed inside this guy, starting with the fact that it will connect via bluetooth to your smart phone. So what’s cool with that bluetooth connectivity is the fact that it’s not just going to tell you to brush your teeth for “X” amount of minutes.

There is a smart sensor built within this that’s going to know how hard you brushed, whatever it is you brushing, and at the end of it when it’s all said and done which spots you reach accurately and which ones you didn’t. So that combined with the fact that it is steering you through your mouth area by area is kind of cool. I’m not going to lie, there are times when you wake up in the morning and you’re zoned out, you’re half-asleep, and maybe you brush the right side of your mouth course more than there is a requirement and inattention that left side, but with this not no more.

Now for those who’ve caught most recent videos, you know strokes per time is kind of a big deal. This guy is dishing out 31,000 strokes a time, and to breaking that down that’s 516 strokes two seconds and to visualize that, “one, two, three, ” that is 1,550 strokes that just happened. So you blend that kind of apoplexy strength with your adaptive clean brushing brain, which is soft, flexible, and merely kind of hugs your teeth, then you’re going to have some squeaky clean pearly whites. So next up is the Como Audio Solo wireless bluetooth, and specifically I’m taking a look at the one in walnut black. So if you adore lumber and you adore tech, you are going to adore this thing. Aesthetically, it is beautiful and if there were one word I would use to describe this it would be “classy.” Price-wise it is a little more than your median bluetooth speaker, but that is because it is more than your median bluetooth speaker.

For starters, build-quality-wise, it is using real lumber and not some cheap laminate, and when I say it is more than merely a bluetooth speaker, what I intend by that is beyond the bluetooth connectivity, there is built in radio, both FM and internet flavors, Wi-Fi, and then what stood out to me “the worlds largest” is built-in Spotify connect integration. Now, specifically for me, why I really like the Spotify connect feature is you’re actually getting better sound quality, that’s because you are drawing music immediately from the machine as to report to connecting through bluetooth. Then two, formerly you’re setup and ready to go, you can then utilize this stand-alone without needing to use your phone.

As far as sound-quality proceeds, this thing packs course, course more sound than you would ever expect for a box this size. It is clear, “its by” punchy, the issue is abundance of volume, on the other hand though it’s not going to blow your socks off low-end wise, so if that is something you’re in to you may potentially want to look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for something clear, that’s going to fill a chamber, is unique and packed full of features, this is your guy. Following that, maybe one of the coolest home tech gadgets of all time, especially for under $30, this is the Sideclick, and specifically I’m taking a look at the one for Apple TV, but if Apple is not your thing, there’s also one available for the Fire TV and ROKU. So, with the Sideclick, firstly and foremost what it’s going to do basically is house the Apple TV remote. What that’s going to do is add some size, add some volume, and in become hopefully reduce your chances of losing this thing. Now in my suit, the course I have it setup is the strength button is going to strength on and strength off the TV.

The plus minus will then control the volume on the soundbar. The up and down arrows will control the canals on the TV. The generator button will control the source of the TV. Then as far as A& B proceeds, right now I have an A to strength on the TV, that are actually only because I don’t have a secondary machine, but in theory you could have a Blu-ray player or a DVD player. Then lastly I have B powering on the soundbar. Now for me, the coolest thing about this guy aside from the rate, was how easy it was to set it up. It earnestly took less than 5 minutes, that’s because it connects through infrared, as opposed to entering in stupid codes.

Now the instance where you’re maybe also using a cablebox, this will surely improve things, but not be the ideal solution, but on the flip side if you’re someone who watches TV, devours their media through an apple TV, a ROKU, or a Fire TV, perhaps that is merely the answer you were looking for. So next up is the Nuimo smart home controller, which looks like it is straight out of the future. So far as magnitude proceeds, this right here is it. It is a super compact, truly sleek-looking machine, that also comes in lily-white. What it’s going to do is give you control over various tech products in your home, all through a single generator. Now as far as what this will control, right now you have Apple music, Googlecast, Lifx light bulbs, Philips Hue light bulbs, Ronfel, and then Sonos orators. Once you’re put together and connected, it is super is easy to switch between which machine you want to control, simply swipe up or down, then an icon will pop up on which machine is currently being controlled.

In this case, here with Philips Hue, you can see the lightbulb icon pop up, and as far as control proceeds, I can do something as simple as powering the light off or on, or something more complex light changing the coloring blue. Now hopping over to Apple music if I want to play a carol, simply press it,( upbeat music) volume, going to see next carol,( upbeat music) So you can see it tasks really well, it’s pretty instantaneous, and it’s going to give you that next degree control instead of having to reach out for your telephone or your tablet.

Now again the ideal location for this is going to be at the wall or a table or a table, not to be used free-handedly. But the good news is everything there is a requirement do that is going to come in the box. Now if I had any complaints “wouldve been” the fact that you do need an active bluetooth associate to use this whether it’s your telephone or your tablet, it will not work stand-alone. Beyond that I would definitely love to see more app substantiate, especially Spotify, but it’s actually nice if you use Sonos, “if youre using” Apple music, “if youre using” Lifx or Philips Hue. This is a really cool home-tech machine. So next up this would be perfect for best available tech, and if you boys been agitated for a new episode of that, make sure you drop a “like” down below. This is the Avantree bluetooth transmitter, which is going to allow you to use bluetooth headphones with your TV.

So what this tiny compact contraption does is connect to the audio of your TV and then creates a bluetooth associate that you can then connect up to two different bluetooth headphones. Now a couple tones, if you pick this up and you specify it up and you notice a little bit of slowdown or a little bit latency, that’s more than likely because your headphones do not support a low-latency mode, and if that’s the case they do make a complimentary pair of headphones that is designed specifically for this use.

On the contrary, though if you do want to use the low-latency pair of headphones, you can only flow audio to one pair of headphones and not two, so if you do want to stream audio to two separate sources, “youre supposed to” sacrifice the low-latency. You can strength this through the USB port on your TV, but what’s cool with this is there’s a built-in battery that could give you around 6 hours of battery life. That also establishes this perfect to take on the go. So if you’re someone who lives with others and maybe you watch things course too late or course too early, if you’re looking for a solution to continue to do that without disturbing others, this is a marvelous option, and again it is only $39.

Aside from that, thank you guys very much for watching. If you haven’t yet, shape sure you check out this video here where Philips partnered with TED to showcase how cool engineering like the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Connected can help improve lives. This is Jonathan and I will catch you guys right now later ..

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