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SketchUp is no longer free for commercial use – WorldCAD Access

by Roopinder Tara, Tenlinks.com How do you tell the largest CAD user base in the world that they they are going to cut off? You don’t. SketchUp, known and loved by millions, was revised late last year.

Source: worldcadaccess.typepad.com

SketchUp has grown to become, almost by accident and under all radar, the most-used CAD software in the world. It is, by CAD standards, ridiculously easy to use. Being free helped. Trimble says it has 38 million users.

SketchUp Make is the new name for our basic version. It’s available today and still free to use. With this change, we’re also clarifying that SketchUp Make is not licensed for commercial work.

Me … I love my SketchUp Pro from iRender.co.za

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