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Rise of the replicants – FT.com “Warren Buffett”

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If Daniel Nadler is right, a generation of college graduates with well-paid positions as junior researchers and analysts in the banking industry should be worried about their jobs. Very worried. Mr Nadler’s start-up, staffed with ex-Google engineers

Gareth Williams-Wynn‘s insight:

A very interesting article here at ft.com. What is critical for workers concerned about loosing their position and where to draw the line comes down to the ability of the machine to do the job better than you. If that is the case then does this new technology create more or better jobs for all of us at a fast enough pace to replace the jobs that are lost?

I will admit that it would be really cool if I could get a machine to design acceptable dwellings for me, create construction drawings and deal with council … now that would be something!

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