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Post-Pandemic Architecture Needs to Be Healthier

By Adriann Bechtle ♦ October 21, 2020

Because the average person spends 90% of their life indoors, buildings shape our lives and health. And now, our homes impact us more than any other place. Crowded conditions, narrow hallways, and small apartment units become much bigger problems when people have to stay inside. We need more space, flexibility, and fresh air because it’s hard to maintain social distancing in a cramped lobby or live and work in a studio apartment. But improvements must not be limited to people who can afford expensive real estate. We must also consider the needs of people living in poverty and those with disabilities. We need everything from better affordable housing to wider aisles at the grocery store. COVID-19 is an opportunity for architects to see how buildings need to improve. The coronavirus pandemic may be temporary, but we need to make permanent changes.…. Read more →

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