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House X – Agraz-Arquitectos

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I was going through some past work that well known architects Elias Rizo and Ric Agraz have done and came across this residence constructed in Zapopan, Mexico by Alvaro Martinez.

This 305 sqm house built on a corner stand just goes to show how architects are taught to think out of the box by keeping things simple, cost efficient but elegant. The choice of floor plan layout is simple at first glance but if you did not see any elevations and the selection and allocation of finishes you would not be blown away. This work epitomizes how good selection of products and detail make it an exemplary piece of architecture. Good use of lighting and landscape planning bring this dwelling out at night. I like the way that the staircase is formed out of 8mm bent steel to give it strength to float above the floor. Go and have a good look at the pictures here http://www.archdaily.com/345507/house-x-elias-rizo-arquitectos-agraz-arquitectos/

to see how its done.Now you can appreciate why we get paid the fees. As I always say, we don’t draw house plans … we create lifestyles.

Gareth Williams-Wynn‘s insight:

Think out the box .. but stay within!

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