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Dont shed a tear – We have so much to give!

Life is a Game - Play it. Life is a challenge - Meet it Life is an opportunity - capture it!

In 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer. Having to re-evaluate my life and trying to find out what tribulations may lie ahead, my wife and I flew to Hamburg in Germany so that I could undergo a Radical Prostatectomy. This enabled me to possibly have some more time with my friends and family and to remove what the doctors could find festering inside of me.

I was given an estimated 7 good years. In winding down my involvement within my Architectural practice and planning my retirement – pre Covid, I had time to reflect on my good fortune of having had the opportunity of designing many Game Lodges through out Africa. Traveling with my clients, meeting and working with so many lovely people and listening to their stories. If you have not had the chance to come to Africa, I challenge you, bring your family and come and see what Africans have to offer you! Before its too late.

If you have an hour to spend, please take the time to watch this video below. Klaus says it all for me, and then please support his work through the link below.

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