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But how are you going to know if it is necessary or not? The best way to find out is to consult your local building department if you are planning to renovate or repair your home because not all changes at home will require it. There are certain home alterations that do not need permit.

Permits are essential to make sure that you or our builders followed the building codes and standards set by the local government. Ask your local government if a permit is needed before you start making repairs and alterations at home.

The kitchen plays such a central role in the everyday lives of so many people nowadays that it is almost always the first room that is renovated or redecorated when a person moves into a new house so that its fixtures, fittings and aesthetics correspond with the needs and wishes of the homeowner. However, this may prove expensive and the cost may well dissuade many people from making any alterations, a situation which can prove to be very problematic when the homeowner is disabled or has a disabled family member as the layout of the kitchen may not be well suited to meet the needs of a physically handicapped user. However, if any adaptations are required, the concerned party may be eligible for a grant to help pay for part (if not all) of the costs but it can be difficult to know what firm to contract the work to.

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