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Architectural thoughts

The School of Architecture and Interior Design traces its origins back to the 1869 foundation of the School of Design within McMicken University. By 1875, architecture offerings expanded to include history, design, and drawing. At the time, it was one of only eleven collegiate-level institutions in the country to offer architecture coursework. The architecture coursework did not survive the transfer of programs to the Cincinnati Art Museum Association in 1884, but it established a pattern of architectural education that reemerged fifty years later.

Traditional architectural design virtually disappeared during the rise of modern architecture. Americans are showing they want more than the sleek disigns of modern architecture. The past decade has brought a rebirth of interest in early American architectural accents.

After we developed the ride’s show, we were able to determine that it would be best housed in a “sound stage” facility, so the exterior architecture was very simple, but consistent with our Universal Studios “working movie studio theme” and appropriate for our park.

The Cleveland School of Architecture and Design is open to students in the Cleveland Public School District, including some qualified home school students. The school is focused on the commercial and applied arts as part of a highly competitive four year, rigorous, public, college preparatory program. In addition to their regular coursework, students will have the opportunity to take advanced coursework on campus as well as participating in activities and learning experiences at nearby institutions such as the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

There are many architecture and interior design firms in Mumbai, but finding a reputable, reliable and well-known company should be your aim. Doing this may not be a big challenge, considering you have resources like the Internet, magazines, newspapers, social contacts and so on to narrow the search down. A face to face meeting may be in order after you have a few names in mind. It is recommended that you meet the architect and interior designer at least twice before making up your mind about which firm to give your business to. Once you have made your selection the process is fairly easy. In most top firms of the city, a team is appointed to handle your project.

After visiting Loch Haven Park, on this grey and drizzly day, we decided to drive south, park our vehicle and explore some of the central neighbourhoods on foot. We parked in Lake Cherokee Park, walked all the way around the lake and delighted in admiring the upscale architecture and the wildlife on the lake.

The professional Master of Architecture degree provides two curricular tracks: one is for students with a bachelor degree in other fields (M Arch 1, four years); the other supports those who currently hold undergraduate degrees in architecture (M Arch 2, three years). The Master of Architecture program engages fundamental knowledge and skills and emphasizes comprehensive design while affording students the opportunity to expand horizons through flexibility, experimentation, and risk-taking. The three- or four-year program includes approximately one year of cooperative education experience and culminates with a thesis research and design project.

The Impression: Depending on your major, some people benefit more than others by studying abroad. Students pursuing a humanities or architecture degree, as well as an arts degree, are some that benefit the most. Not only does studying abroad give you the chance to experience design, art, buildings, and cultures in their native environment, but it also impresses potential employers. Being willing to study abroad for your craft can go a long way with those who are hiring.

We carried on from Lake Cherokee to Lake Lucerne, which is immediately south of Orlando’s downtown core. Several fountains adorn the middle of the lake and you get a perfect view of downtown Orlando’s architecture.

The First Hand Experience: You can really study foreign art and architecture just about anywhere: all you need is a library card or an Internet connection. But, studying it thousands of miles away can not even begin to take the place of studying it in person. Obtaining an architecture degree overseas or enrolling in an arts degree program abroad provides you with the opportunity to become truly awed and inspired by your subject. It gives you the hands-on experience you just can’t find anywhere else.

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