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Live Q&A for Hangouts On Air: interact with all your viewers

With Hangouts On Air, you can take a group video call and broadcast it to the world. And we’ve seen everything from concerts to political debates to online classes share their conversations ‘On Air.’ What’s been missing, however, is a way to interact with your live audience (vs. only the people onscreen). Not any more.

Today we’re introducing Live Q&A for Hangouts On Air — the first of many features to help you engage with your viewers. If you’re hosting the broadcast, you’ll now be able to:

– Solicit questions from up to a million concurrent viewers
– Select and answer questions live
– Timestamp the YouTube recording by marking questions as you answer them

If instead you’re watching the Hangout On Air, you’ll now be able to ask and vote on questions live, as well as replay the Q&A even after the broadcast is over.

We’re rolling out Live Q&A over the next few days (fully on desktop, view-only on Android), so look for the new features the next time you start or watch a Hangout On Air. In the meantime, you can check out these examples to see how Live Q&A can enhance your broadcasts:

– Art and Inquiry by +MoMA Edu: http://goo.gl/hLohOv
– Live Car Talk by +Scotty Kilmer: http://goo.gl/cMZtz4
– Sony vs. Nikon by +Trey Ratcliff: http://goo.gl/4xEFXW

Keep the feedback coming, and keep those broadcasts going!

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