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7 Compelling Reasons to use Solar Panels to Heat your Water

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With Soaring Energy Costs and now obvious Climate Change
we all need to look at new alternative ways to Heat our Homes:
Here are 7 compelling reasons to consider installing
a Solar Water Heatin

Gareth Williams-Wynn‘s insight:

1: Cut your Energy Home costs and provide a positive return
2: Help you avail of Generous Government grants and special low cost Green loans
3: Installing Solar Panels will help you harvest FREE Clean Energy from the Sun
4: Installing Solar Panels will help extend the lifespan of your Boiler
5: Will be better for your Family’s Health and the Environment
6: Installing Solar Panels will Help Increase the resale value of your Home
7: Help Protect your Household Budget Against Future Fuel Price Rises.

This is an interesting video showing new technology on energy production http://garage.karter.co.za/stirling-energy-systems-intros-their-new-suncatcher-csp-system-buildaroo-com 

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